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Each film selected for one of the 3 sections of Kinofest will enter the competition for that respective section (Animation, Micromovie, Fiction). Each section will have one winning film, decided by a dedicated jury of Romanian personalities of the film industry and other related fields (such as advertsing).

The jury of Kinofest 2008
Fiction: Cătălin Saizescu (director), Emanuel Lăzărescu (film critic, editor, Claudiu Păun (director of photography), Cristina Zaharia (film critic, editor
Animation and Micromovie: Radu Tinc (art director Nano Design), Bogdan Lazăr (creative director, animator Golem Studio) and Vasile Alboiu (digital creative director Ogilvy Group), Cosmin Ţapu (curator, The National Museum of Contemporary Arts).

The author(s) of the winning film will be awarded during the Kinofest Gala co. Every winner will receive a consisting in an original copy of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 for Mac or Windows. The prizes are awarded by Adobe Romania.

The winners are:

BEST FICTION MOVIE: Porque hay cosas que nunca se olvidan [Why Are There Things that Can Never Be Forgotten] by Lucas Figuero (Spain)

BEST ANIMATION: Malcik by Dmitry Gellery (Russia)

BEST MICROMOVIE: The Flower by Dale Hayward & Phil Dubrowsky (Canada)